Nepal Chartered Accountant Students’ Association (NCASA) is launching NCASA Resource Panel to build, share the knowledge and address the queries of students studying Chartered Accountancy under Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN ).

This panel consists of highly skilled recently passed Chartered Accountants having due interest in the particular subject they will be dealing.

The panel’s goal is to steer us away from the confusion and hindrance students’ may face while going through the syllabus.

Many students pursuing Chartered Accountancy under ICAN and facing the confusion regards syllabus, writing techniques in exam, study pattern, NCASA resource panel has the urgent task of helping students to address the issues.

We are confident it is possible to move to an easier, simplified and convenient study pattern.

The Panels Specific mission is to show the pathway to students by addressing their queries and contribute to a better understanding.


How can students take advantage from the Panel?

  • Visit the official Website of NCASA:
  • Go to the page Resource Panel
  • You will find the resource panel
  • Click the respective resource person
  • You will have access to respective Facebook accounts.
  • And you can message them there and forward your queries and they will respond you within 2- 3 days.

PS: They may not respond you with long brief answer. But they will show you the way and provide you with techniques.