The Nepal Chartered Accountant Students’ Association (NCASA) was established on 2060 B. S. when a group of CA students felt a desperate need of an association which could actually take care of overall development of CA education and at the same time facilitate the students to come up through their problems. Basically, NCASA is a platform for CA students (all levels) where they can unite, work, perform and prove themselves. From the day of its origin, it has been working actively for the students not only to overcome their hurdles but also to experience various shades of student.


Past Presidents of NCASA.

1. CA. Shankar Kharel-First President

2. Mr. Binod Raj Paudel- Second President

3. CA. Saurav Rijal- Third President

4. CA. Saurav Risal -Adhoc/ Fourth) President

5. CA. Utsav Panthi – Fifth/ 1st elected President

6. CA. Amrit Giri – Sixth/ 2nd elected President

7. Mr. Shiva Ram Katwal -Seventh/3rd Elected President

8. Mr. Manoj Paudel- Eighth/ 4th Elected President

9. Mr. Anil Sharma- Ninth/5th Elected President

10. Mr. Rishi Pokhrel- Tenth/6th Elected President

11. Mr. Dinesh Chaulagain – Eleventh/7th Elected President

12. Miss. Pragati Bhuwai – Twelve/8th Elected President


NCASA has following major objectives

  1. To function as student body of ICAN and work to develop, protect and promote interest of students.
  2. To play leading role for enhancing educational expertise, creativity, literacy, leadership, professionalism, socio-cultural activities of students by conducting different events and programs through itself or in co-ordination with ICAN or other organizations.
  3. To play an advisory role to the ICAN Council in the matters of students’ affairs.
  4. To organize different events as seminars, training, meetings, workshops, etc for enchantment of knowledge of students and publish bulletins, magazines, etc.
  5. To do different activities to achieve the above stated objectives.